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Are you having a hard time balancing work, family, and personal life, especially in this pandemic? Do you want to unlock your next level of growth and capability?

Gentle Warriors Academy and Fathers Incorporated

NextLevel Fatherhood Training

As participant in this powerful training, dads will have access to world class learning programs, impactful life coaching sessions, life-changing goal achievement strategies and critical fatherhood resources.

10-week duration

10 weeks training for a convenient, effective, and result-oriented experience

Access to Resources

Members will have access to pre-program and post-program resources

Communities of Fathers

Network and learn from communities of fathers of similar experience

Virtual and In-house

Experience both live virtual and in-house training sessions for maximum learning


Peer to peer learning environments, access to master life coaches and empowering case management

You-focused Design

We focus on real-life issues and scenarios that affect dads across the Atlanta metro area

Learn, share, and grow together with the NextLevel Fatherhood Training

As the core arm of positive cultural and social change, Fathers Incorporated, Gentle Warriors Academy (GWA), works deligentlyto help dads across the country become responsible fathers.

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Be a part of the NextLevel Fatherhood program to learn how you can be the best version of yourself alongside other trailblazing fathers.