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Fathers Incorporated understands clearly that one of the biggest requests of our agency is resources.

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Genre: Fatherhood, Trauma and Healing
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Genre: Fatherhood, Legitimation, Motherhood
Genre: Co-parenting, Fatherhood

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I AM DAD Podcast Videos

Episode 13 – The Realities of Working with Incarcerated Fathers

Episode 12 – Challenges and Strategies of Successful Reentry Programs

Episode 11 – Reflecting on the 27th Anniversary of the Million Man March

Episode 10 – Placing a Focus on Black Fatherhood within a Family Context w/ Dr. Latrice Rollins

Episode 9 – Where is the Black Love for Black Fatherhood w/ Dr. Armon Perry

Episode 8 – The Importance of Research and Fatherhood w/ Dr. Jeff Shears

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