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C-Suite Edition Training

The C-Suite version of The Next Level Fatherhood Curriculum is designed to help busy Dads who are entrepreneurs or working high stress jobs in corporate environments.

Struggling as a Dad

Are you a dad who struggles with work, life and family balance?

Personal Time

Are business appointments infringing on your personal time?

Business vs Family

Are you feeling guilty because business priorities are impacting family time?

Successful Parenting

Are You Interested in Being Successful at Fatherhood?

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NextLevel Fatherhood

C-Suite Edition Training

Our Next Level Fatherhood C-Suite curriculum is 5-weeks journey that is designed to take more established Dads fatherhood to another level.

We understand that Work-Life balance can be a challenge for fathers who are busy executives, entrepreneurs, and high achievers. 

5-Week Training

Join us once a week for 5-weeks to explore ways to be both, an involved parent, active community member, and a dedicated professional.

About 190 billion dollars per year is spent to address the psychological and physical effects of burnout.

(Harvard Business Review) 

C-Suite Edition Highlights

In 5 weeks we will explore:

The Business of Fatherhood

The Family Business Plan

Family Organization and Structure

The Right People For The Right Job

Vision, Outcomes and Goals

About half of working fathers (52%) said that it is very or somewhat difficult to balance work and family responsibilities.

(2015 Survey Report)

Did you know?

While fathers are spending more time with their children than in past decades, many feel they can do more to be a better father.

Professionals who spend over 50 hours working each week
Long Work Hours 94%
Employees who believe flexibility promotes work-life balance
Flexible Schedule 72%
Percentage of baby boomers who report that they are stressed
Stress 80%
Fathers who said they were doing a very good job raising their children.
Raising Children 39%
Millennials and Gen Zers who feel they do not have work-life balance
Work-life Balance 83%

According to GoRemotely

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