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Legitimation is the legal process for a non-married dad, in the State of Georgia to become the legal father of his child. If the parties have never been married, Georgia law presumes that there is not a legal father of the child.

If You Are Not Legitimized?

If your child is not legitimized, then you have no right to any input in any legal decisions for the child… and that’s for the child’s entire life.


Understanding the Pathway to Legal Rights for Non-married Fathers in Georgia

If there is a legal marriage, there is a legal father and a legal mother, as well as an assumed biological father and a biological mother, to the child.

If the parties have never gotten married, Georgia law presumes that there is not a legal father of the child.

Even if you are the biological father of the child; without being legitimized, you are not the legal father of the child.

Legitimation Process Across Counties

In the State of Georgia, the procedure/process is different from county to county. The petition/forms/process are fairly similar.

How Do I Become Legitimized?

Benefits of Legitimation

Establishing Paternity

You are able to establish paternity with your child

Request Custody

Ability to request custody and/or parenting time

Make Legal Decisions

Having authority to make legal decisions for your child

Access to Inheritance

Both father and child having access to inheritance

Automatic Custody

Automatic custody in the event of loss of life of the other parent

Child Support

Ability to file for child support in the event of having full custody


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