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Men’s Den

Every 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM via Zoom. Each month we come together to experience the bond of fatherhood and brotherhood. 

Inclusive Support for Men

From our experience working with fathers over the past 17 years, we have learned that most men want to be in a group setting where they don’t feel like "I am the only one".

Space to Grow

Judgment-free sounding board to learn ways to solve their problems and improve their life skills in order to successfully navigate relationships, careers, addictions, and life’s challenges.

A Fathers Incorporated Initaitve

Men's Den Platform

We are clear that NO MAN is an island. That we ALL depend on each other, even when we don’t believe there is a need to. However, we also understand that finding a place, person or group of men to openly share those things which are personal is very difficult to find.

This is why we created Men’s Den.

Men’s Den was created as a safe space for men to share and learn coping strategies to address anxiety, self-esteem, unaddressed trauma, grief, loss (of a family member, job, or in other areas especially during and post COVID-19).

Program's Focus

We want dads to share and learn new life skills that will help them understand the root causes of their pain/trauma, find solutions and help to build mental resiliency.

Men’s Den Wellness program

The Men’s Den Wellness program meets fathers in metro Atlanta where they are, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

Metro Atlanta Fathers

Our Fathers Incorporated team understands that most men just don’t fit the traditional models of counseling or therapy. We support counseling and therapy, however, the public stigma for men seeking such supports serves as a barrier.


We believe that men learn best when they are learning from themselves.

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