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I AM DAD Podcast

The I AM DAD. Podcast is an exploration of insight, information and inspiration for dads, their families, the people who love and those that support them.

Episode 13 – The Realities of Working with Incarcerated Fathers

Episode 12 – Challenges and Strategies of Successful Reentry Programs

Episode 11 – Reflecting on the 27th Anniversary of the Million Man March

Episode 10 – Placing a Focus on Black Fatherhood within a Family Context w/ Dr. Latrice Rollins

Episode 9 – Where is the Black Love for Black Fatherhood w/ Dr. Armon Perry

Episode 8 – The Importance of Research and Fatherhood w/ Dr. Jeff Shears

Episode 7 – Understanding the Work of Fatherhood and Re-Entry

Episode 6 – Fathers Incorporated w/ Guest Host Willie Moore Jr.

Episode 5 – The Importance of Black Fatherhood in Film

Episode 3 – Understanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Responsible Fatherhood

Episode 2 – Addressing the Issue of Georgia State Legitimation

Episode 1 – An Introduction to I Am Dad Podcast

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